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DigitalWell HealthTech 101: Warm tech for social inclusion

  • 28 april
  • 12:15
  • Online via Zoom
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Welcome to HealthTech 101: Everything you wanted to know about HealthTech but never dared to ask.

Join us for recurring half-hour lunch talks, where we invite friends from interesting organisations, to chat about healthtech. Curiosity is all the preparation you need.

What is warm technology and how can you use it to make a positive impact on people’s health?

No Isolation is the company behind services such as the telepresence robot AV1, that helps students with long term absence be present in the classroom, on break time and in social situations despite not being there in person. They are also behind the one-button computer Komp, that bridges the communication gap between those that struggle to use modern day technology, and their more tech-savvy family and friends. By controlling both hardware and software design themselves, they eliminate the barriers that get in the way of having the best experience using the technology. 

Join us April 28 to hear more about the philosophy behind warm tech, and how to integrate the human element in your product or service.

Anna Holm Heide, No Isolation

The Speaker

Anna Holm Heide is the Chief Communications Officer and co-founder of No Isolation. She has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Amsterdam University College. In 2017, she was on the shortlist for financial news outlet E24’s overview of young leadership talents. In previous roles, she has figured as the president of the Norwegian School Student Union, head of ANSA Benelux and venue manager for the Olympic Village during the Youth Olympic Games 2016. She’s worked several years in the news division of broadcaster NRK. Heide is a long-time board member at OsloTech.

No Isolation is a company dedicated to bringing people together through warm technology, to help reduce social isolation and loneliness, making difficult life transitions a little easier for the people they reach with their products.

They have designed two hardware products; intended for children and young adults not able to attend school, and analogue seniors wishing for more social contact. Working with innovation in the public sector has given No Isolation valuable insight in what works and what doesn’t, and the team are keen problem solvers. With offices in Oslo, Munich and London they are a Norwegian company with international ambitions and a Nordic mindset.

WHEN: Friday, 28 April 2023, kl. 12.15 – 12.45
WHERE: Online via Zoom, link is provided upon registration.
FOR WHO: Anyone curious about the world of healthtech.

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