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    DigitalWell Ventures starts partnership with national investor forum

    DigitalWell Ventures becomes strategic partner to the live investor forum A-match. A-match selects eight exiting startups from all over Sweden who gets the opportunity to make a live pitch of their companies in front of a network of investors.

    This is the fifth edition of A-match. The event is hosted by Almi Invest, Almi Värmland, Nordea, Sting Bioeconomy, Paper Province, Karlstad University, Region Värmland, The Compare Foundation and DigitalWell Ventures. The purpose is to make it easier for startups to access seed capital and build stronger relations and networks between investors.

    Even if the core partners have a foothold in Värmland the event has a national focus of attracting both startups and investors. A-match also aims to create a forum which makes it easier to become an investor to increasing the supply of venture capital.

    Boosting the ecosystem

    The search of the top-rated startups who gets to pitch at A-match May 4th is ongoing. Stefan Skoglund, Innovation Manager of DigitalWell Ventures, is one of the coaches that will give pitch training to some of the eight final candidates before the live event.

    – We are really happy to become a part of A-match. I believe that a livelier ecosystem of both startups and investors in Värmland also will increase the attraction and deal flow for DigitalWellVentures accelerator – so it´s really a win-win scenario, says Stefan Skoglund.

    Source for future investments

    David Holm, Investment Manager of DigitalWell Ventures, also see benefits of extending the health tech-accelerators network.

    – Hopefully, our partnership with A-match make more entrepreneurs considering the health tech-sector and provides our network of investors a broader palette of business opportunities. Of course, A-match also brings a possibility for the startups in DigitalWell Ventures accelerator to access new investments from Sweden, further connecting the greater Oslo region eco-systems, says David Holm, Investment Manager of DigitalWell Ventures.

    David Holm and Stefan Skoglund are looking forward to cooperate with A-match, creating a larger ecosystem for both startups and investors.

    The historical track record for A-match has been strong, resulting in investments for a majority of the pitching startups. Last year’s digital event attracted more than 100 investors. This year the plan is to arrange a live event in Karlstad – which hopefully will contribute to even greater interest and networking opportunities. A-match will also be available as A-match Play – a streamed product for registered investors after the event.

    – The interest is great, and both the number and variety of investors has increased for each A-match. Last year we saw that we have more investors from all of Sweden and the number of female investors remains high, says Anna Lundmark Lundbergh, CEO Almi Värmland.



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