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    DigitalWell Ventures launches new function to build stronger teams

    DigitalWell Ventures are building healthier startups in the healthtech sector. A new feature in the accelerator makes it possible to apply to be a co-founder, matching different skills with ideas to create balanced teams.

    A new initiative by DigitalWell Ventures is reaching for a fourth target group. The accelerator is already covering startups, investors and mentors. Now there is a way channelling those with skills and entrepreneurial ambitions, yet without a company.

    The DigitalWell Ventures Talent Matching Platform aims to create an opportunity to find a position in an early stage startup, matching skills with ideas. By applying to the co-founder database, you will be invited to activities for startups and talents. And maybe it could be the start of a new career.

    – The purpose is to find people with skills or an idea that wants to be part of a team. It could be technical skills, skills in sales and marketing or domain expertise. A common challenge in many teams is that co-founders have similar key competencies, rather than finding co-founders with complementary skills, says Stefan Skoglund, Innovation Manager at DigitalWell Ventures.

    There are also facts about the success rate of teams with at least two co-founders, compared to one-man companies. According to Startup Genome, these startups will raise capital 30 percent more quickly, grow their customers three times as fast, and will be less likely to scale too quickly, avoiding premature scaling.

    – We have already noticed that some teams lack certain key competences. Also, this is a way adding women to all male founding teams, and vice versa, to create more diversified teams, says David Holm, Investment Manager at DigitalWell Ventures.

    David Holm and Stefan Skoglund is looking forward to be an active part in creating stronger founding teams.

    Drivhuset, an organization supporting entrepreneurs with early ideas, has already signed up as a partner, and are applauding the possibility to take part in the matchmaking process.

    – This is exactly what we been looking for. Many people talk about this, but until now nobody has been doing it, says Josefin Danielsson, Business Developer at Drivhuset.

    The idea to create strong teams, even before there is a company, has been developed by the startup company builder Antler. DigitalWell Ventures version on this concept is to support existing start-ups, but also be an active part in the teambuilding process.

    The service is already up and running at DigitalWell Ventures website, and the first applications have already dropped in.

    Read more – and send your application!



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