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    Experience my reality - procurement

    Now we are looking for innovative companies that can make people, with the help of digital technology, experience what it feels like to live with cognitive impairment. 






    How could we, using digital scalable technology, make people experience what it feels like to live with different types of cognitive impairment, in a way that could: 

    • Act as part of training/retraining for staff, where multiple people can share the same experience at the same time. 
    • Contribute to a better understanding of the situation of those concerned. 
    • Be able to support different experiences, based on different types of cognitive impairment. 
    • Scaled up and further developed in small steps.

    The digital service would mean that those who take part in it gain an increased ability to make everyday life more understandable for the individuals concerned, as well as an increased ability to meet the needs of those individuals who are unable to express what they want or need. This increases and strengthens the sense of security and trust in the care staff of those concerned.  


    Every year, between 20,000 and 25,000 people become ill with dementia. This means that there are between 130,000 and 150,000 people with dementia in Sweden today. The number will almost double by the year 2050. If you also add people with other forms of cognitive impairment, such as memory impairment, hallucinations, impaired understanding, impaired impulse control and impaired imagination, the number will be much larger. According to the National Board of Health and Welfare guidelines do those affected have the right to individually tailored care and care, which means that the care and care must be given with respect for the individual's specific needs, expectations and integrity. 

    In training for healthcare professionals today, the opportunity is often given to try out different situations or circumstances in order to more easily familiarize themselves with the patients' reality, for example what it is like to have a visual impairment or to get around in a wheelchair. However, it is not as easy to understand what it is like to live with cognitive impairment, while it is also a patient group that has difficulty expressing their needs. 

    We now want to remedy this lack of experiential support in cognitive impairment with the help of digital scalable technology and through this innovation challenge "Experience my reality".  


    Our philosophy

    For the solution to the challenge "Experience my reality" to be successful, our philosophy is that the solution needs:

    • Start from a real perceived need from the public sector.
    • Developed jointly by companies and the public sector.
    • Produced through an agile working method, which provides the conditions for a better solution in a shorter time.
    • Begins with an integrated needs analysis, initially with several companies, as we see that testing several possible solution concepts triggers further insights into the need
    • Co-financed by companies and the public sector, where the owner of the need (i.e. the public sector) does not bear the entire cost of development, further development and operation of a service, but only its part, which assumes that the solution is scaled up and can be sold to several. 

    We believe that these starting points create good conditions for scaling the solution and, in the long term, a profitable and commercially sustainable product or service, where all rights to the solution are owned by the developing company. 


    Karlstad municipality procures a development project where the goal is to, through an interactive and iterative process, initially with several companies, develop a digital service that makes care workers experience what it feels like to live with cognitive impairment. The intention is to develop a scalable digital solution, where all rights are owned by the developing company, so that the company can then scale up the solution.  

    Karlstad municipality is open to awarding several companies initial development contracts, in order to be able to start parallel development processes and thereby also gain an increased understanding of the business's needs, where selection of solutions will take place during the development period. 

    The potential of both the companies and the solutions will be continuously evaluated during the course of the development work, in order to choose which company(s) will participate in the continued development process.

    During the contract period, the companies that are awarded development contracts also have the opportunity to take part in the offerings in DigitalWell Innovationssupport and DigitalWell Ventures, in order to strengthen the service's, and the company's, scaling potential. 

    The procurement is part of DigitalWell Demand Accelerator

    Listen to how reality can be experienced for a person with dementia

    Listen to how reality can be experienced for a person with cognitive difficulties and functional impairment

    Listen to how reality can be experienced for a person living with support according to LSS


    To participate in the procurement of the development work with Karlstad municipality, you as a company need to record a film in which you answer a number of questions. The film needs not be of professional quality - a mobile film works just fine. 

    About the company:
    • How do you assess the degree of difficulty in developing a solution like this and what do you think are the biggest difficulties?
    • What experience do you have as a company that is relevant to this challenge? 
    • How would it develop you as a company to be part of a procurement process to solve this challenge?
    • Would you have the capacity for, and interest in, scaling up the solution nationally, after a possible first deal with Karlstad Municipality?
    • What support do you see that you would need in connection with development/procurement/scaling up?

    About the solution:

    • On a conceptual level – how could you solve or contribute to a solution/s of the challenge? Draw and explain.
    • Do you have knowledge of solution/s that fully or partially solve the challenge?  
      If not comprehensive - describe how you will work to solve the problem. 
    • How do you assess the degree of difficulty in coming up with a solution/s and what do you think are the biggest difficulties.
    • Show through an idea sketch how you think your solution/s will work to solve the needs and the set requirements. 

    Other information

    If you consider that any part of the information you provide is covered by confidentiality, you are asked to indicate this and specify which information is meant and what damage you risk incurring if the information is disclosed. If the data is requested, it will Karlstad municipality to carry out an independent confidentiality assessment taking into account what you stated regarding confidentiality. Karlstad municipality however, in this context would like to draw your attention to the fact that the scope according to the Publicity and Secrecy Act to classify information submitted as a result of an RFI is limited.

    All suppliers who submit tenders, who meet the qualification requirements, will receive a contract for a first development phase where compensation is 25,000 SEK excluding VAT, per tender. 



    The regional project DigitalWell is financed by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund. The purpose of DigitalWell is that we will together develop digital solutions for needs in welfare with the user's own abilities in focus.