Winner 2022

Big congratulations to the winners of the DigitalWell Award 2022! Click on the names to see a short film with the winners.

Innovation ability through collaboration

Per Danielsson
Region Värmland

With knowledge, experience and great commitment, this person has been a driving force in the design of a completely new methodology in procurement. The methodology involves a new type of collaboration between the public sector and innovative companies, to solve societal challenges together and drive innovation. The demand accelerator as a methodology is now used as a precedent at national level. Congratulations on the win!

The participation of the individual

Therese Sundström

Among digital services in diabetes care oriented towards quantitative values, this entrepreneur saw a need for a qualitative supplement. With great drive and own experiences as a basis, an innovation process was run together with the users to create the My diabetes app. A tool to create increased security and independence for children with type 1 diabetes and people close to them. Through tailored information and a focus on psychological well-being, the app creates new conditions for families and children. Congratulations on the win!

Data & digital technology

Care to translate

This digital translation service, adapted for healthcare situations, helps healthcare professionals communicate with patients regardless of language. Reduced language barriers contribute to more equal care, lower costs for society and contribute to tangible benefits through safer care for patients and freed up time for healthcare staff. The service is now used both in Region Värmland and widely in Sweden as well as in other countries. Congratulations on the win!

Service development & commercialization

Magnus Lindström
Nordic Medtest

In the development of safe digital health innovations, this actor has a significant role. By testing and validating products and services, transparency is created around new solutions, so that more people dare to try new things. The Genomlysning support service, which analyzes usability, interoperability, laws and regulations as well as information security, has thus become a key factor for the security of testing organizations and users. In service development and commercialization of the health innovations of the future, real value is delivered here. Congratulations on the win!



The regional project DigitalWell is financed by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund. The purpose of DigitalWell is that we will together develop digital solutions for needs in welfare with the user's own abilities in focus.