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Winner 2021

An external jury consisting of representatives from national innovation organizations in Sweden has appointed the winners of the DigitalWell Award 2021 with the justifications below. Click on the names for a brief presentation of their work.  

Innovation ability through collaboration

Ingela Agnarsson
Region Värmland

To take steps towards the health society of the future requires committed and courageous employees and managers who show the way. Ingela has an ambition to develop the whole society through improved health. To do so, she invites collaboration with companies, academia and civil society. The courage to find new ways and do it together with business means that Ingela is a role model for many others. Alone is not strong. Ingela is proof of how a committed employee and manager can influence development in a large and complex business.

The participation of the individual

Mary Johansson
Karlstad municipality

Being a bridge builder between the elderly and digital technology is really contributing to the health society of the future. Marie sends clear signals that we together need to increase the rate of innovation to strengthen the individual's own abilities. Meeting tomorrow's challenges with today's solutions is not an option. Marie and Karlstad municipality are leading the way and dare to both challenge themselves and other actors to contribute. This will lead to more services being developed that increase the individual's participation.

Data & digital technology

Christian Persman 
Arvika municipality

The health of children and young people is incredibly important for our future health society. As a school development leader, pushing to use data and digital technology to improve the health of our children and young people is an important social contribution. Christian and Arvika's municipality's decision to make the new upper secondary school available for innovation together with other actors is exactly what society needs to be able to take advantage of the opportunities with data and digital technology.

Service development & commercialization

Mostafa Ismail 

Mostafa and Zimify address an important challenge in our future health society. Combining a big heart with entrepreneurship and drive is a success factor. Mostafa's business acumen not only enables Zimify to grow, but it enables many students to study and feel better, simply an important sustainability factor. How can the service be used by more target groups? We really look forward to following Mostafa's future entrepreneurial journey.

Sara Lindahl & Sophie Finnish tribe
Ineq Solutions

Through their service, Sara and Sofi at Ineq solutions have addressed an important societal need. They have shown how important it is to understand needs and that it is possible to help many others as good school counselors. Sara and Sofi's ability to convert it into value-creating services with a high level of innovation is impressive. Taking help from expertise and benefiting from Innovationssupporten and DigitalWell Ventures shows insight and collaborative skills. With strong entrepreneurship and a fantastic drive, it is possible to succeed as an entrepreneur in Värmland. We look forward to following Sara and Sofi on your future journey.



The regional project DigitalWell is financed by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund. The purpose of DigitalWell is that we will together develop digital solutions for needs in welfare with the user's own abilities in focus.