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shortlist participants in 2022

Based on the nominations received for the DigitalWell Award 2022 have DigitalWell Arenas Coreteam designated four candidates in each category. The winners are chosen by total points from an external jury, consisting of representatives from national innovation organizations in Sweden, and the public vote.

Innovation ability through collaboration

Per Danielsson
Regional lawyer, Region Värmland

With knowledge, experience and great commitment, this person has been a driving force in the design of a completely new methodology in procurement. The methodology involves a new type of collaboration between the public sector and innovative companies, to solve societal challenges together and drive innovation. The demand accelerator as a methodology is now used as a precedent at national level. Congratulations on the nomination Per Danielsson!
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Marie Niljung
The Life Fighters Association

The nominee works persistently with his mission on several fronts and with many small streams, and the occasional stream, the work makes a difference both in the short and long term. The person draws strength from the dark and builds a brighter future together with others, for others. The users are woven into the work, both through feedback and workshops, so that the Lumeno app can show the way through the darkness. Congratulations on the nomination, Marie Niljung and the Life Fighters Association!
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Sara Emsevik
The trust agency

Through his commitment and work with this venture, the person actively pursues the issue of children and young people's mental health through several projects. She sees the strength in working across organizational boundaries, likes to try new approaches in this work and has engaged both companies and other public actors. Through Tillitsbyrån, she strengthens young people's health and confidence in themselves. She is a driving force with a big heart for our children and young people. Big congratulations on the nomination, Sara Emsevik at Trust Agency!
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Birgitta Hjerpe
Region-IT, Region Värmland

During the pandemic's greatly increased workload, resources were mobilized to streamline the process around infection tracking. A joint infection tracking tool created the conditions to break chains of infection as early as possible. The self-developed web application works well even under high load and contributes to shorter processing times and increased quality in the infection tracking work. The tool is judged by the Public Health Authority to be able to be adapted and introduced in other regions. Big congratulations on the nomination, Birgitta Hjerpe and Region-IT at Region Värmland!
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The participation of the individual

Patrick Fahlin
Focus ADHD

The majority of the material available on ADHD today is extensive and at a high level. This initiative creates information aimed at people with the diagnosis, adapted to the difficulties that ADHD brings. In a mix of humor and seriousness, both the pros and cons of the diagnosis and everything that comes with it are highlighted, to strengthen, lift and support. Here, understanding and acceptance is created for and with people who feel they don't quite fit in. Big congratulations to the nomination Patrik Fahlin and Fokus ADHD!
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Ulrika Vitalis & Robin Backman Torpegård
Social Administration, Hammarö Municipality

Dealing with digital technology can be a challenge. In the group of people over 75 or with special needs, the technology can be difficult to handle on your own. It affects the individual's independence and accessibility to everyday community services. By supporting these groups in the use of digital technology, digital exclusion is reduced, while contributing to good and close care. With that background, the Digital fixer service is well worth highlighting. Big congratulations to the nomination Ulrika Vitalis, Robin Backman Torpegård and the Social Administration at Hammarö Municipality!
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Liselott Sellstedt
Region-IT, Region Värmland

When the corona pandemic hit Sweden, a digital youth reception had recently been introduced in Region Värmland. Overnight, this service was scaled up so that it became available in all of the region's care clinics, enabling digital care meetings through video calls. The Region Värmland app contributed to maintaining large parts of healthcare during the pandemic and now continues to contribute to reduced travel and more efficient use of resources. Big congratulations on the nomination, Liselott Sellstedt at Region-IT, Region Värmland!
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Therese Sundström

Among digital services in diabetes care oriented towards quantitative values, this entrepreneur saw a need for a qualitative supplement. With great drive and own experiences as a basis, an innovation process was run together with the users to create the My diabetes app. A tool to create increased security and independence for children with type 1 diabetes and people close to them. Through tailored information and a focus on psychological well-being, the app creates new conditions for families and children. Big congratulations on the nomination, Therese Sundström and Innothr!
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Data & digital technology

Care to translate

This digital translation service, adapted for healthcare situations, helps healthcare professionals communicate with patients regardless of language. Reduced language barriers contribute to more equal care, lower costs for society and contribute to tangible benefits through safer care for patients and freed up time for healthcare staff. The service is now used both in Region Värmland and widely in Sweden as well as in other countries. Big congratulations on the nomination, Care to translate!
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Birgitta Persdotter
R&D Welfare, Karlstad University

When it comes to society's safety net, it is of great importance to promote objectivity, and data can be a tool there. This initiative examines a model for individual-based and systematic follow-up with research support, a process innovation that provides a unique opportunity for business development in social services. The VAVES® initiative will most likely contribute in both the short and long term to a social service with better and more equal efforts. Big congratulations on the nomination, Birgitta Persdotter, R&D Welfare at Karlstad University!
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Catherine Nilsson
Quality system coordinator, Region Värmland

Laboratory analyzes sometimes cannot be performed due to preanalytical errors. By using the expertise each department possesses, this initiative, at Arvika's emergency department and laboratory medicine, has contributed to a reduced number of errors and more efficient care time. By answering a number of questions, staff can automatically receive a visualized analysis, which supports them in finding areas of improvement for safer working methods with fewer errors. The hope is to spread the tool both in Region Värmland and nationally. Big congratulations on the nomination Catharina Nilsson, quality system coordinator at Region Värmland!
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Farzaneh Karegar
Computer Science, Karlstad University

In the health innovations of the future, user data plays a big role. However, the preservation of the individual's integrity is of the utmost importance. In Sweden, one in five users forego digital community services out of concern for security. One method of secure analysis is differential privacy, but it assumes that users feel safe enough to share their data. This researcher has investigated how user-friendly transparency, through metaphors, can help users create accurate mental models of how data is protected, thereby facilitating the decision to share. Big congratulations on the nomination, Farzaneh Karegar, computer science at Karlstad University!
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Service development & commercialization

Sebastian Tay-Hannebo
Region Värmland

"With humility for organizational structures, the nominee represents a positive attitude towards trying new things, and actively shows the way towards new ways of thinking. The person has initiated a service for better use of existing resources. It has positive effects on both the environment and accessibility to nature and countryside. The Mixtrafik service allows the public to travel with school transport, a laboratory initiative that shows the possibilities for a future platform-controlled public transport service. Congratulations on the nomination, Sebastian Tay-Hannebo at Region Värmland!"
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Magnus Lindström
Nordic Medtest

In the development of safe digital health innovations, this actor has a significant role. By testing and validating products and services, transparency is created around new solutions, so that more people dare to try new things. The Genomlysning support service, which analyzes usability, interoperability, laws and regulations as well as information security, has thus become a key factor for the security of testing organizations and users. In service development and commercialization of the health innovations of the future, real value is delivered here. Big congratulations on the nomination Nordic Medtest, led by Magnus Lindström!
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Health care in Värmland

For several decades, this organization, which is the only one of its kind in Sweden, has contributed to the health of the citizens of Värmland with courage and unwavering commitment. They work continuously to develop and digitize their business. Where they have seen a need, they have themselves taken up the development of services, and together with other actors have created value for the people of Värmland. Congratulations on the nomination Friskvården in Värmland!
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The regional project DigitalWell is financed by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund. The purpose of DigitalWell is that we will together develop digital solutions for needs in welfare with the user's own abilities in focus.