shortlist 2023

Based on the nominations received for the DigitalWell Award 2023 have DigitalWell Arena's process management appointed up to four candidates in each category. The winners are chosen by total points from a jury, consisting of external representatives from Sweden's innovation system, and the public vote.

Innovation ability through collaboration


In order to create innovations for the whole society, the whole society's perspective needs to be represented. This makes gender equality an important part in the creation of the digital health innovations of the future. The actor works to make visible Sweden's tech women, the skills they possess, and encourages more to do the same. The actor also contributes to gender equality work with the effect that more women dare to take their place, both in the tech industry and in roles at all levels. In this way, both new and existing digital solutions are influenced to suit more people. In the category Innovation through collaboration and created by Sogeti, congratulations to the #addher network!
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The design studio
The South-East healthcare region

This actor has understood that no one alone can solve the challenges facing our common healthcare system and has taken an active step away from the culvert model. Through collaboration and resource sharing, this actor has found a successful method for joint digital innovation to deliver close and equal care. The method continuously generates new and challenging ways of working that are developed and implemented in an orderly and inclusive way, with great heart and responsibility. This actor demonstrates motivatingly that cooperation is possible in a challenging time. In the category Innovation ability through collaboration, congratulations Designstudion and the South-East healthcare region!
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Erik Wästlund
Karlstad University

In a sometimes rigid world with clear frameworks, this actor constantly identifies new challenges and opportunities outside the box. With a clear understanding that new knowledge and successful innovations are often the result of effective collaboration between different skills and perspectives, the actor has demonstrated an ability to build bridges between the public sector and academia, time and time again. By bringing together different actors, this person has contributed to synergies and the development of new knowledge in several research fields, not just his own. In the category Innovation ability through collaboration, researcher and docent at Karlstad University, congratulations Erik Wästlund!
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Annika Carlson
Care department 102 Surgery, Karlstad Central Hospital

Creating and maintaining a good working environment can be a challenge for any business, and also succeeding in contributing to our societal challenges in the meantime is worthy of attention. Through good routines for communication, time for reflection, relief from time-consuming administration and a constant focus on close-to-patient care, this actor has succeeded in creating an everyday life where both staff and patients thrive. The employees are involved in continuous development of the business, and the patient perspective is always present. Through cooperation and courage, one dares to try new things, in order to work together with several actors to solve common challenges. In the category Innovation ability through collaboration, congratulations to Annika Carlson and care department 102 at Karlstad Central Hospital!
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The participation of the individual

The prevention clinic
Södersjukhuset, SLL Innovation & Experio Lab

In all types of innovation, it is of great importance to involve the target group for the solutions you develop. In complex and system-changing shifts, it can be a challenge. This actor is a shining example of creative and engaging dialogue with residents at an appropriate level - for feasible innovative solutions in healthcare and the health of the future. By inviting the residents to a future prototype, the abstract parts of the future have been made concrete and thus given valuable perspectives on the direction the residents themselves desire. As an added bonus, one of the most talked about digital tools at the moment, artificial intelligence, was concretized and showed the effect a well-used technological tool can have in our lives. In the category Individual participation, created by Södersjukhuset, SLL Innovation and Experio Lab, congratulations to Preventionsmottagningen!
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Stjärnhuset's safety shelter
Karlstad municipality

Through courage and innovation, this actor has created a better life for both staff and residents. They work actively to develop the residents' independence and the employees' working environment. The actor involves both groups in the development work and also invites relatives into the dialogue. Digital aids are primarily used here, for greater privacy, so hands can be available where hands are needed and do the most good. As a result, the workload has been reduced and the residents have greater control in their everyday life, while resources are freed up to create a stimulating everyday life. The working method also contributes to increasing the habit of using digital tools and thus to reducing digital exclusion. In the Individual participation category, congratulations to Stjärnhuset's Trygghetsboende and Karlstad Municipality!
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Chronic diseases often mean frequent care visits, which affects the daily lives of those affected in more ways than just medically. This operator has created a solution that both reduces the need for physical care visits and involves the patient to a greater degree in their own care. The solution has a person-centered and proactive approach that contributes to close care. At the same time, it supports healthcare staff in exactly the way a digital tool should - by freeing up time for patients and facilitating work. The actor also continues to contribute to our common societal challenge by now exploring value-based pricing models together with several actors, an initiative that helps pave the way for sustainable health services of the future. In the Individual Participation category, created by MediTuner, congratulations AsthmaTuner!
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Anders Forsberg
Digital lots, Kristinehamn municipality

As digitization spreads across society, more and more services are transitioning to being purely digital. At the same time, there are groups in society that have challenges in adopting and keeping up with digital technology. This actor has created a community service to guide people with disabilities or old age through the digital layers in a strengthening way. The actor contributes in a concrete, accessible and individual-focused way to reducing digital exclusion and creating access to the many advantages digital tools can offer in everyday life. In the category Individual participation, Kristinehamn municipality's digital lot, congratulations Anders Forsberg!
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Data & digital technology

Martin Larsson
Habbie HealthTech

Through the use of digital technology, this solution offers additional support and guidance for people in need of physical exercise to improve their health. Together with healthcare providers, patients and research, the actor has developed a completely user-centered experience - for both individuals and healthcare providers. It gives the care provider an overview that enables continuous adaptation and follow-up for each user. The solution motivates the user and thus contributes to both higher adherence to the treatment plan and the individual's own ability. In the category Data and digital technology, congratulations Martin Larsson and Habbie!
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Lotta Borg Skoglund

Historically, much research has been carried out exclusively on men, which in some areas has led to a knowledge gap regarding how diagnoses are expressed in women. Research on the neuropsychiatric disability ADHD is one such example. Research is working hard to catch up, but in the meantime women go undiagnosed an average of five years longer than men. It results in unnecessary suffering. This actor has long worked to raise the issue and spread knowledge, and is now taking the next step in strengthening the individual's self-care. Using visualized health data, research and precision health in fantastic harmony, this player helps to include women in their own care - to find what really works for each woman. In the category Data and digital technology, congratulations to Lotta Borg Skoglund and Letterlife!
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Mikael Karlsson & Jens Larsson
Avanto Care

Many parts of healthcare generate large amounts of data, but data is only useful when it is analyzed. This player has developed an innovative, digital platform that combines the staff's professional competence and experience with secure and efficient handling of data. They enable a new and proactive way of working in elderly care that contributes to the prevention of care injuries, freeing up resources and strengthening the individual's use of their own health data. By continuously and needs-driven developing the platform, and supporting customers in implementation and business development, the operator ensures that the solution has the desired effect. In the category Data and digital technology, congratulations to Mikael Karlsson, Jens Larsson and Avanto Care!
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Anders Lenz
Karlstad municipality

No one can predict the future, but by analyzing data you can get relatively close. By combining the analysis of data and well-founded success factors, this actor has created a proactive visualization tool to target support resources correctly in the school world. It gives principals and mentors up to six months in advance to prepare interventions and planning support. The purpose behind the initiative is that all students starting upper secondary school in the municipality should have a successful start to school with good support, reduced stress and mental illness. The new proactive way of working creates better conditions for both the young people and the businesses, and can easily be spread to more municipalities. In the category Data and digital technology, congratulations to Anders Lenz and Karlstad Municipality!
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Service development & commercialization

Anders Liling
Anders Liling Holding

Together with his team, this actor has accurately explored how startups can measure the value their innovations add to healthcare. Based on the results, it is explored how the insights can be used to create new business models, to increase the conditions for long-term financing, profitability and scaling of digital health innovations. Within the initiative, the actor has collaborated with several other actors, and he actively strengthens the exchange of knowledge between academia, business and the public sector. In this way, the player contributes to the development of future health innovations. In the category Service development and commercialization, congratulations Anders Liling!
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Ivan Perlesi

With courage, this actor entered as one of the parties in the pilot implementation of a completely new methodology. By listening sensitively to the needs of the business and taking advantage of the process as a lever, all the time with an eye outward towards a larger market, this player has developed both a sustainable service and a business. The developed service in itself contributes to greater understanding of, and knowledge of, the experiences people with cognitive impairment go through in the middle of everyday life. Creating a solution that contributes concrete value to both the customer and their target group in a commercially sustainable way deserves attention. In the Service Development and Commercialization category, congratulations Ivan Perlesi and Virotea!
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Helene Strandkvist

An estimated one billion women are in one of the three phases of menopause, and 80% of them experience symptoms that negatively affect their daily life, family and career. This actor experienced firsthand how general advice wasn't getting her where she wanted, and began exploring what she could do herself. This digital health service has been developed in close collaboration with women experiencing transitional or menopausal symptoms. Through a customized health tracker and personalized activities, based on scientific support from several disciplines, the service offers information and support that increases the self-efficacy of these women. In this way, the actor contributes to higher well-being and increased emotional, physical and mental health of the users. In the Service development and commercialization category, congratulations to Helene Strandqvist and MeWe&You!
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Fredrik Söder
Health Integrator

Today, only three percent of health care resources go to preventive health efforts, at the same time there are several challenges to shift from reactive care to proactive health. With lifestyle changes, 80% of all chronic diseases can be prevented. This innovative player successfully contributes to activating individuals in promoting their own health, before the need for care arises. They contribute with their preventive work, via digital solutions that facilitate behavioral change, to both reduced suffering and reduced care queues. The actor has also been part of the development of a unique financing model, health bonds, which also contributes to the shift with more focus on proactive health. In the Service Development and Commercialization category, congratulations to Fredrik Söder and Health Integrator!
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