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    DigitalWell Award

    The DigitalWell Award highlights people and initiatives that contribute to the health innovations of the future.

    In Sweden, there are many fantastic initiatives in the development of future digital health and welfare services. We want to pay tribute to the people and organizations behind these initiatives. That's why the DigitalWell Award is organized, where we get the chance to draw attention to good examples that contribute to the development of the health innovations of the future.


    The DigitalWell Award is awarded in four categories based on focus areas within the DigitalWell Arena. Below you can read about the four categories and see examples of nominations in each category.

    Innovation ability through collaboration

    To promote a culture that fosters innovation, several actors are needed who work together. 

    That is why the DigitalWell Award is given for Innovation ability through collaboration out to an initiative that, through joint efforts, has achieved results that would not have been possible for the individual party. 

    Examples of nominees in this category:

    A project or activity that contributed to new collaborations across organizational or functional boundaries.

    Ventures where several actors have come together to solve common challenges or concrete needs in health and welfare.

    The participation of the individual

    A healthier future requires an active individual who wants to influence their health, and who has the opportunity and the tools to do so.

    DigitalWell Award for The participation of the individual is therefore awarded to an initiative that strengthens people's ability to improve their own health with the help of data and digital technology.

    Examples of nominees in this category:

    A digital service or development work that aims to clarify the health status of individuals.

    A new way of working, service or initiative that strengthens individuals' independence.

    Data & digital technology

    For the health society to become a reality, it is necessary that data can be shared, collected and analyzed in a secure manner.

    That is why the DigitalWell Award is given for Data & Digital Technology out to an initiative that enables secure handling of data for a healthier future. 

    Examples of nominees in this category:

    A digital service, process or flow that supports the collection, handling and analysis of data.

    Initiative or investment that strengthens the individual's use of their own data.

    Service development & commercialization

    Profitability is a prerequisite for companies to exist and continue to develop sustainable health services.

    DigitalWell Award for Service Development & Commercialization is therefore awarded to an initiative that has contributed to strengthening the company's service development, commercialization or scaling of an innovative idea or service.

    Examples of nominees in this category:

    Initiatives that strengthened the exchange of knowledge between academia or the non-public sector and companies.

    New business models or processes for purchasing digital health services.

    Ventures or activities that have facilitated the financing and scaling of digital health services.


    The DigitalWell Award is administered by The Compare Foundation which holds the award and award ceremony. Based on the nominations received, DigitalWell Arena's Process Management appoints up to four shortlist participants in each category. A jury, consisting of external representatives from various actor groups in Sweden's innovation system, is selected to award points to the shortlist participants. The winners are then chosen in a vote, where total points from the jury and vote decide. The votes of the jury and the public carry equal weight.

    In addition to the attention and promotion that the nominees are given through the competition, the winners will get to act as ambassadors on a joint trip to a digital health conference. The trip is organized by DigitalWell Arena and provides both skill development, monitoring of the environment, broadened network of contacts and exchange of experience. More information will be given to the winning entries.


    The jury consists of the steering group for DigitalWell Arena and represents various stakeholder groups within Sweden's Innovation System.

    • Fredrik Svensson, CEO, Redpill Linpro Sweden
    • Gunilla Öberg, Director of Health and Care, Karlstad municipality
    • Håkan Spjuth, Head of Department Grants and Innovation Office, Karlstad University
    • Stina Lantz, Vice President & Operations Manager, Swedish Incubators and Science Parks & Ignite
    • Catarina Berglund, CEO Automation Region
    • Björn Hansell, Leg. Doctor & Entrepreneur
    • Lisa Ericsson, CEO KTH Innovation


    Marie Granander

    Process Manager DigitalWell Arena
    +46 (0)73 500 80 96

    DigitalWell Award

    The DigitalWell Award was launched in 2021 and aims to highlight people and initiatives that contribute to the health innovations of the future. You can read more about the background to the DigitalWell Award here.

    Below you will find all contributions over the years.



    The regional project DigitalWell is financed by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund. The purpose of DigitalWell is that we will together develop digital solutions for needs in welfare with the user's own abilities in focus.