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    New competition celebrates initiatives that have contributed to the health society of the future

    Society is facing major health challenges and DigitalWell, which focuses on the development of the digital health and welfare services of the future, shows many good examples that have contributed to the health society of the future. Now we want to highlight the people and organizations behind these initiatives through the DigitalWell Award competition.

    DigitalWell is the fruit of a long-term collaboration between the public sector, academia, civil society and business in Värmland and Dalarna. The aim is to develop digital solutions that increase people's own ability to live a healthier life. 

    In the last year alone, DigitalWell Innovationssupport has supported 50 entrepreneurs, contributed to 10 new, or improved, digital health services and 12 prototypes. The work has also resulted in 6 completely new companies in Värmland and Dalarna. Another example is where the public sector, companies and academia have jointly developed the area of "tests in a real environment" and created so-called "health arenas", for the development of digital health in schools and elderly care, among other things. A work that is in full swing. 

    Now we want to draw attention to successful digital innovations and collaborations that have made innovation possible with a competition - the DigitalWell Award.  

    Lise Bergqvist, Communications Manager at Compare, who is involved in organizing the competition, hopes for many competitors. 

    Tell me, why are you doing this? 

    - We think the people and organizations behind all the fantastic initiatives in this area are worthy of praise. We also want to make their work more visible to all residents, because these smart solutions have a positive effect on the health society of the future. It benefits us all, says Lise Bergqvist. 

    Why did you want to do it in the form of a competition? 

    -By making visible everything that is happening in the development of the health and welfare services of the future, we also believe that more people can be inspired about the opportunities that exist, both for companies and entrepreneurs, the public sector, academia and individuals to be able to influence the future. And it's a way to highlight all the incredible good that is being done on these issues in the region, there's so much going on that's worth paying attention to! 

     Who can then compete in DigitWellAward? 

    -Persons or organizations behind initiatives and investments that contributed to DigitalWell Arena's focus areas in Värmland and Dalarna. It could be, for example, ventures where several actors have come together to solve common challenges or concrete needs in health and welfare, a new way of working or a service that strengthens individuals' independence or new business models or processes for purchasing digital health services, continues Lise.  

    What can you win?  

    -In addition to the attention and promotion the nominees are given through the competition, all four winners will receive a scholarship. The total value of all four scholarships is SEK 50,000, which can be used to develop or scale up one's service or product, skills development or support for working on a challenge.

    What does the future look like forDigitalWellAward? 

    The DigitalWell Award will be an annual recurring competition with a national, and eventually also an international, focus to highlight people and initiatives that contribute to the development of future digital health services, concludes Lise Bergqvist at Compare. 



    The regional project DigitalWell is financed by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund. The purpose of DigitalWell is that we will together develop digital solutions for needs in welfare with the user's own abilities in focus.