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Participation in the innovation process is procured

Procurement of innovation process

The procurement includes participation in the innovation process, as well as the right to use the result. It is therefore not the service/product itself that is procured, but the participation in the process. By procuring the participation in the development process according to this model, all suppliers are paid for their work throughout the entire process. The competition is then integrated into the innovation process, and the resulting service/product can be implemented directly, without further procurement/competition. 

Example from "Experience my reality"

The procurement in the case "Experience my reality" was published as a crowdsourcing-inspired website, which was cross-linked to the publication in Karlstad municipality's advertisement database.

Initially, only the first phase, the concept phase, was procured for 4 weeks of work, and a compensation of SEK 25,000. The agreement then included an option to extend the contract. What was procured was thus the participation in an innovation process, not the result of it.

Regulates right of use

However, the right to use the results was included in the contract. This means that when the contracts for SEK 25,000 for the concept phase were signed, the procurement was formally completed. The participation in the innovation process that followed thus constituted the delivery.

  • Contact us if you want access to the procurement documentation in its entirety (in Swedish). 


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