DigitalWell Meet up

  • September 26
  • 16:00
  • Digital via Zoom
Register by 26/9 at the latest

There is a lot going on within DigitalWell Arena and there are many questions from organizations and individuals in Värmland and Sweden about what we do, how to participate and how to contribute and influence. DigitalWell Meet Up is a digital meeting forum that answers that.

DigitalWell Arena invests in digital health innovation so that more people can live a healthier life. Will wants to contribute to solving the complex societal challenges, connected to health, that lie ahead of us. No actors can solve this on their own. Therefore, we need to work together to find the solutions that contribute to a sustainable society and become a leader in digital health innovation. Together! 

We want to be open and offer information and knowledge about how DigitalWell Arena as an ecosystem and its operations, projects and activities develop, as well as what results and effects it contributes to. 

Since DigitalWell Arena is a common platform, based in Värmland but for Sweden and Europe, we also want to give more people the opportunity to provide input on how DigitalWell Arena should be developed. DigitalWell Meet Up is a digital meeting forum forum where all actors can share exciting opportunities with the aim of stimulating increased collaboration between the public sector, business, academia and civil society. 

At each meeting, a presentation is given of the development within DigitalWell Arena. There is also space for the presentation of new opportunities and time for questions. If you have something you want to bring up, or a question you want us to raise, please get in touch. 

The agenda for each occasion is continuously presented on this page.
You will find a link to registration at the bottom of the page, after the agenda for the upcoming meeting.

A very warm welcome!

Nästa möte: 26 september

Denna gång är det Karlstads kommun som håller i agendan. Vi får bland annat veta mer om deras om arbetet med att skapa en ny plan för digital utveckling och innovation, samt ”Staden som innovationsarena”. De kommer också att berätta om en ny, extern innovationswebb och sitt utvecklingstorg.

Dessutom får vi kunskap om deras roll i att utveckla Demand Acceleration-metodiken, som förenar innovation och offentlig upphandling. Karlstads kommun är hittills den enda kommun som tillämpat metodiken i skarpt läge, och har nyligen inlett sin andra upphandling.

Missa inte tillfället att få veta mer och ställa frågor om hur just du kan bli del av Karlstad kommuns utvecklingsresa!

  • Mötet är helt digitalt och pågår mellan kl. 16 och 17.

Upcoming meetings:

  • October 24
  • November 21

Marie Granander

Process Manager
+46 (0)73-500 80 96



The regional project DigitalWell is financed by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund. The purpose of DigitalWell is that we will together develop digital solutions for needs in welfare with the user's own abilities in focus.