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DigitalWell HealthTech 101: MeWe&You – helping professional women manage menopause

  • 24 november
  • 12:15
  • Online via LinkedIn live
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Welcome to HealthTech 101: Everything you wanted to know about HealthTech but never dared to ask.

Join us for recurring half-hour lunch talks, where we invite friends from interesting organisations, to chat about healthtech. Curiosity is all the preparation you need.


Menopause-age women are the fastest-growing demographic in our workplaces today, with eight out of ten currently in work. This means that when women are at the peak of their careers, skills and income – they are also faced with the enormous challenge of menopause.

Women are taking sick days, cutting back their hours or quitting their jobs altogether because of symptoms. Recent studies have also identified a significant negative impact of menopause symptoms on work outcomes.

Understanding your unique symptoms and managing your health during the challenging times of peri-menopause can be difficult. Luckily, the next wave of peri/menopause wellcare solutions is on the rise, with one of the most notable ones being MeWe&You.

MeWe&You is a menopause app using ML/AI to match each woman individually to the most effective activities to help reduce symptoms, prevent adverse work outcomes, and promote a healthier, happier midlife – every day.

Using data points from women’s real-life experiences, MeWe&You’s evidence-based algorithms and unique ML/AI recommendation engine matched each woman individually to the most effective activities to help reduce symptoms and prevent adverse work outcomes.

The Speaker

Helene Strandkvist was an early pioneer and serial entrepreneur in fashion and e-commerce for almost 20 years. After a long and difficult perimenopause journey and stress without enough recovery, she retrained in functional medicine and female health, to help other women. Now she and her team have developed an app helping professional women manage menopause.

WHEN: Friday, 24 November 2023, kl. 12.15 – 12.45 CET
WHERE: Online via LinkedIn Live.
FOR WHO: Anyone curious about the world of healthtech.

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