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DigitalWell HealthTech 101: Predictive Elderly Care

  • 27 oktober
  • 12:15
  • Online via LinkedIn live
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Welcome to HealthTech 101: Everything you wanted to know about HealthTech but never dared to ask.

Join us for recurring half-hour lunch talks, where we invite friends from interesting organisations, to chat about healthtech. Curiosity is all the preparation you need.

We live longer and longer. The elderly’s need for care and social care is increasing simultaneously as competition for labor is increasing. With these demographic changes, our society is facing significant challenges.

New ways of working in combination with technology can solve many of the challenges.

Avanto Care is a platform for caregivers of elderly care to identify risks, work with prevention and understand the effects of their care interventions.

By collecting, analyzing and using data on the health, activity and environment of the elderly, care injuries can be prevented, the quality of life increased and resources directed to the most prioritized areas.

Avanto Care’s welfare platform Avanto 360 provides care providers in elderly care with decision support based on data and information about users.

The professional competence and personal experiences are supplemented with a new type of valuable information.

Avanto 360 provides the conditions for making proactive decisions.

The Speaker

Mikael Karlsson is a CEO & Co-founder Avanto Care. With strong skills and experience in Sales development, Sales management and Product development within IOT, Mikael has been at the helm of Avanto Care since 2020, addressing the global problem of our aging population and the lack of predictive elderly care.


WHEN: Friday, 27 October2023, kl. 12.15 – 12.45
WHERE: Online via LinkedIn Live.
FOR WHO: Anyone curious about the world of healthtech.

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