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DigitalWell HealthTech 101: Skin Health Revolution

  • 13 oktober
  • 12:15
  • Online via LinkedIn live
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Welcome to HealthTech 101: Everything you wanted to know about HealthTech but never dared to ask.

Join us for recurring half-hour lunch talks, where we invite friends from interesting organisations, to chat about healthtech. Curiosity is all the preparation you need.

Skin in our body’s largest organ, but do we know how to best care for it according to latest science? Every human is unique, and so is his or her skin. However, with the overload of skincare products today and limited knowledge of skin’s physiology, it becomes incredibly difficult for a consumer to choose the right type of skincare. This is where Skinome comes into play!

Skinome, a Swedish startup founded by skin researcher Dr. Johanna Gillbro, challenges the skincare industry with its groundbreaking skincare concept of freshly made skincare that supports the skin’s beneficial bacteria.

Skinome develops freshly made skincare in its innovative laboratory in Hornstull, Stockholm. Research indicates that our beneficial skin bacteria play a pivotal role in skin health, and therefore, Skinome avoids the preservatives and additives commonly used in skincare. Instead, they offer fresh skincare with a shorter shelf life and an entirely refrigerated logistics chain – something completely unique in the industry.

Since its launch at the end of 2020, Skinome has successfully sold its products via its own e-commerce platform as well as through retailers Apohem and Skincity. The company has experienced explosive growth, with turnover tripling between 2021 and 2022. With the ambition to once again triple sales during the current year, Skinome is on its way to conquering the market. More and more customers are discovering Skinome’s skincare, and collaborations with ambassadors like Carina Berg, Eva Röse, and Food Pharmacy have been key to reaching the health-conscious target group.

The Speakers

Lydia Engholm, CEO and Dr. Johanna Gillbro, Founder of Skinome will share their insights into forming a successful duo leading to a great entrepreneurial journey with their company, Skinome

Lydia Engholm with her expansive leadership and growth insight from the beauty industry, consulting, and finance sectors, marries a strategic and development-centric approach to business and product innovation. With 8 years under her belt at Oriflame Cosmetics, navigating various Marketing and R&D roles and ascending to the Head of Product Development, Lydia blends analytical and creative prowess in the skincare and beauty domain. Her journey from Sweden’s Trade Commissioner in Canada to becoming the CEO of Skinome in January 2020 embodies a robust understanding of international trade, market development, and organizational leadership. Lydia, a certified financial analyst from Stockholm School of Economics and holding a degree in Political Science and Russian from Stockholm University, is adept at merging financial acumen with dynamic leadership.

Dr. Johanna Gillbro, a celebrated skin scientist, entrepreneur, with over two decades of expertise in experimental dermatology, clinical research, and skincare product development, particularly within the microbiome research space. Her bestselling book, ”The Scandinavian Skincare Bible” (Hudbibeln- SE), has positioned her as a respected voice in skincare in Sweden and beyond since its launch in April 2019. With multiple patents on anti-aging compounds and having held pivotal leadership roles in anti-aging research and innovation in the skincare industry, Johanna is not only a well-known author and speaker at international conferences but also a pioneer in skincare research and product innovation.


WHEN: Friday, 13 October2023, kl. 12.15 – 12.45
WHERE: Online via LinkedIn Live.
FOR WHO: Anyone curious about the world of healthtech.

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