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    Jodapro provides new insight into remote care

    Jodapro provides new insights into remote care. Their secure video communication service connects healthcare professionals in the field with medical expertise – paving the way for a more equal healthcare. By joining DigitalWell Ventures accelerator Jodapro aims for a rapid scaling of their service.

    The CEO and founder Kristil Håland got the idea for Jodapro after meeting a doctor working on the ambulance helicopter in Norway. A recurring problem was paramedics consulting doctors over the phone whether a patient needed a helicopter transport or not. As important was deciding which hospital to go to – a decision that can be vital based on the patient’s condition.

    – These questions were much better answered if a specialist doctor could see the patient, says Kristil Håland.

    After two years of testing and developing in collaboration with Innlandet Hospital Jodapro’s secure video communication platform is now in operation in 20 ambulances and helicopters in the region of Innlandet. By the end of 2022 the service will be used in the regions whole fleet of emergency vehicles.

    Ambulance staff crucial for the development

    According to Kristil Håland the key to success for Jodapro is the simplicity of the software that doesn’t require any personal settings, which is crucial in emergency healthcare. Basically, the paramedics just put on the camera headset and use voice control to get assistance from a handful of predetermined contacts. The specialist then sees what the camera sees, and the method also frees both hands for the healthcare staff. A development when using the service have also made it possible for the patients to see the specialist doctor via a separate screen.

    – The ambulance staff have been invaluable for developing the service. One example from their practical experience and input is that there should be no way to accidentally exit the system, so a lot of the development has been about the practical simplicity, says Kristil Håland.

    Kristil Håland, CEO and founder, sees a bright future for Jodapro with many different areas of use for their service.

    The healthcare system has rapidly identified new areas where Jodapro could contribute. During the pandemic the platform has been used when specialists have examined patients outside the hospitals, to restrain the spreading of the Corona virus.

    – Covid-patients often suffer from multiple diseases. As an example, using Jodapro it was possible to contact the patient’s ordinary cardiologist, says Kristil Håland, pointing out the need to involve different areas of expertise in healthcare.

    Since the start of 2021 Jodapro has also been tested in a project treating common wounds encountered in homecare, where 12 Norwegian municipalities are involved. Several of the municipalities have extended the use to other areas, like pain relief in cancer treatment and palliative care.

    Increased equality for patients

    The expert video assistance not only helps healthcare professionals in the field to make correct choices, but it also offers more equality for the patients.

    – There is basically a humane principle that every inhabitant of Norway has the right to the same treatment regardless of where they live. Support of specialist competence for assessment and treatment of elderly increases the possibilities to stay longer at home, says Kristil Håland.

    The market potential in homecare is enormous, with approximately 280 000 patients in Norway. Today, about 30 cameras are being used in homecare and Jodapro has received positive reviews from the nursing association. The collaboration with Innlandet Hospital has also resulted in a risk and vulnerability analysis been made, which makes it easier for municipalities to implement the service.

    The simplicity and user friendly software is what makes Jodapro stand out. Today the service is used in a headset from RealWare, but the the technique is transferable to many other hardware solutions.

    This summer, Jodapro got a framework agreement with Atea, who handle procurement in Norwegian healthcare. In addition, interest to use the service in areas outside healthcare makes the scaling phase a priority for the company.

    – This is the main reason for entering DigitalWell Ventures. Since the product already is scalable, we need to attract investors to develop our sales capacity and bring the product to new markets. We are talking with UK and Australia, and it is really a global problem we are addressing, says Kristil Håland.

    There are companies providing similar services, but the simplicity of Jodapro have given them an edge. Today Jodapro uses a headset from RealWare, originally designed to cope with the strains in industrial use. Though, Jodapro’s software is possible to use in many other hardware solutions.



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