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    DigitalWell Ventures reaches out to world of SportTech

    Investor Breakfast Club on June 22 is focusing on SportsTech and the new megatrends of sports. Joining the event is former Norwegian star skier Lasse Kjus, now representing Igloo Innovation. From DigitalWell Ventures perspective SportsTech matches well with HealthTech, making the sector very interesting for the future.

    Winning 16 medals at the World Championships and the Olympics Lasse Kjus made a big impact in alpine skiing. But maybe his engagement at Igloo Innovation will prove to have even bigger impact in the world of winter sports. Together with Jarle Aambø, founder of Igloo Innovation and former manager of Norways alpine ski team, they’ll share their vison of innovation in the sports industry.

    Igloo Innovation focus on sports, science and business development, supporting an ecosystem that’s developing knowledge, techniques, products and health services related to winter sports. Today the cluster has about 40 members, including Norwegian Sports Academy, Polar and Smart Innovation Norway.

    Strong connection to health

    – From DigitalWell Ventures perspective, this is very strongly linked to innovation of digital health and welfare services. Sports promote public health, even if we have not niched ourselves against elite sports, and all services that can get people moving are interesting, says David Holm, Investment Manager at DigitalWell Ventures.

    – We also have high ambitions and want to work with the best. Igloo Innovation has an ambition to become a world leader and we can learn a lot by collaborating with them, also giving them access to our innovation system and the Swedish ecosystem of health and welfare services.

    Lasse Kjus, Jarle Aambø and Håvard K. Bjor of Igloo Innovation.

    The new megatrends in the sports industry (stated by Anja Kirig) are affecting the whole society, not just elite athletes. One of these megatrends is about mobility: “Sport must be brought to the people and not the people to sport”. Making exercise almost an on demand-service.

    Technology new co-trainer

    Another megatrend that makes room for startups and innovation is that technology is pointed out as “the new co-trainer”. The next generation wearables will develop from just tracking and motivating to give the individual hobby athlete advice on how to train and exercise correctly.

    Håvard K. Bjor, COO of Igloo Innovation, will talk more about how these megatrends will impact the future of sports at the Investor Breakfast Club.

    Motor of innovation

    Joining the event is also Kjetil Fladmark Larsen, Marketing Director of Snøbyen. SNØ is the world´s biggest indoor arena for winter sports. Snøbyen is the new district growing next to the arena and a hub for the sports industry, innovation and inspiration and hosting the R&D centers of several top brands in winter sports, such as Atomic and Salomon.
    Of course, Igloo Innovation is also located at SNØ and Kjetil Fladmark Larsen is looking at them as the innovative motor of the winter sport park.



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