About the program

DigitalWell GovTech Incubator is a relationship building program, creating a bridge to the public side and offering guidance on how to enter the public market and prepare for scaling.

The focus is on supporting startups that have a digital product or service aimed at the public sector, with a focus on health and welfare.

We have an ongoing acceptance of the startups, however the incubation is done in mini-batches since we know well that innovation thrives in collaborative environments. Thus one of the key principles in our program is peer-to-peer learning.

How the Program Works

Pre-incubation: Stage 0 Cover the basics

During the pre-incubation we guide and groom startup companies that they are ready to pitch to the GovTech’s incubator’s Innovationsråd


Incubation: Stage A Fill in the knowledge gaps

We identify the knowledge gaps and weak areas and try to cover them during the high touch points of the program.


Incubation: Stage B Test the with your customers

This stage is built around feedback meetings with the public sector officials. Apart from providing the feedback to the product, it serves also a purpose of understanding the need within municipalities and regions.


Incubation: Stage C The best for the last

This stage focused on preparation for the public procurement, covering best tips for startups wanting to increase their sales with public organisations


Our Partners

If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please feel free to contact us.



Det regionala projektet DigitalWell finansieras av Europeiska Unionen – Europiska regionala utvecklingsfonden. Syftet med DigitalWell är att vi tillsammans ska utveckla digitala lösningar för behov inom välfärden med användarens egenförmåga i fokus.