Closing the gap between startups and the public sector

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In 2021 total procurement budget in Sweden was SEK 800 billion which is 10 times bigger than the total investments made into Swedish startups during the same year. 

Join the program if…

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    Your startup offers an innovative solution within digital health and welfare.

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    You are looking for ways to expose your startup company to the Swedish regions and municipalities.

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    You want to prepare for scaling on the public market

About the program

The program is tailor-made to every startup’s needs and is split into four stages and has four goals:

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    We identify the knowledge gaps and weak areas of participating startup and fill them in during the first part of the incubation program

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    Facilitate Connections & Remove Roadblocks

    We facilitate exposure of your company to the public sector for feedback and relationship building during the second part of the program

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    Scale Smart

    We focused on preparation for the public procurement, covering best tips for startups wanting to increase their sales with public organisations during the last part of the program


Do you invest in companies?

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Participating companies receive governmental funding in services during the time of incubation. We also offer a support in raising a venture round or finding soft funding.

I am a solo-founder. Can I still apply?

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Yes, absolutely you can apply. However, keep in mind that solo-journey is harder than the one with founders. Our only requirement is how much time you dedicate to the company building: during the Problem/Solution fit stage the total amount from all the founders should be at least 40% of a full-time position and one of the founders must be committed to at least 20%. And during Product/Market fit, we expect even higher commitment.

Which startup companies are you looking for?

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We are looking for startup companies that work within digital health and wellbeing, have sustainability in their core and that have a service specifically targeted to the public sector or the potential to tailor their service for the public sector. But think outside the box! Keep in mind that your company’s solution may have potential applications outside your usual industry.

Who is eligible to join the program?

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Innovative, growth-oriented companies, that are younger than 5 years old, not publicly listed, with fewer than 50 employees and an annual turnover or balance sheet total that does not exceed EUR 10 million.

How long is the incubation program?

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The program is adjusted to every participating startup. The length can be anything from 6 months to 2 years.

Are you looking for program partners?

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Partnership is a two-way street. We are happy to partner with companies who would like to contribute their resources, experience and connections. Please contact Tetiana Siianko, Program Manager at to learn more about it.

Would you like to join the program as a mentor?

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Amazing! Please contact Tetiana Siianko, Program Manager at about it.

Where is the program located? Can I join virtually?

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The program is hybrid, where we meet physically on several occasions. Of course you can sit in our premises at Karlstad Innovation Park and Scaaler IoT Labs in Arvika.

Our Partners

If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please feel free to contact us.



Det regionala projektet DigitalWell finansieras av Europeiska Unionen – Europiska regionala utvecklingsfonden. Syftet med DigitalWell är att vi tillsammans ska utveckla digitala lösningar för behov inom välfärden med användarens egenförmåga i fokus.