Test in the arena

    DigitalWell Arena will stimulate innovation in health and welfare and create the conditions for the development of digital health services of the future. Knowledge about tests and the implementation of test activities is a decisive quality factor for being able to work with innovation and transformation, for the development of digital health services and for the public sector to be an innovation driver.

    Together with experts in testing provides DigitalWell Arena safea and sackra Testyour fr both you as a company and the public sector.

    Test for innovative companies

    Innovative companies depend on early-stage testing to understand what is required when developing new services. In the prototype and MVP (Minimum Viable Product) phases, tests are required to verify both technical and user-related needs and challenges. When the service becomes more complete, tests are needed in real environments to verify for investors, users and clients etc. that the service works satisfactorily or if something needs to be developed further. The availability of real environments for testing is therefore important and crucial.  

    Testing in the public sector

    The public sector needs to find new ways of working, take advantage of the possibilities of digitization, and use the individual's own abilities significantly more to cope with the great health challenges of the future. To be able to do that requires collaboration with other actors such as business, academia and civil society. The public sector is a driving actor in the health society and can by making real environments available for testing contribute to more innovations becoming a reality and to the development of the health services of the future. To do that requires management and operations feel great security in testing is carried out in a safe manner and that the services being tested comply with laws and rules. Tester with several different actors can become complex and require a great deal of knowledge to implement., which places demands on resources that public organizations often do not have or cannot release.  

    Offer within DigitalWell Arena

    DigitalWell Arena contributer with both competence, framework and services which supports both companies and the public sector to carry out safe and secure tests. 

    Examples of test services

    Clearing and analysis of product or service based on usability, interoperability, laws and regulations and information security. For whom: companies that have a beta version or later, or the public sector that wants more information about a service before, or during testing. The screening is for 30 hours.

    The need to carry out safe and secure tests for the public sector and companies together is large as the demand for new services is expected to increase as the challenges become greater. By conducting these tests in real environment direct benefits and synergy effects are created for both organization and users and the development of the digital service. It also generates new knowledge and knowledge dissemination.

    Method support test in real environment

    Together with Karlstad University and Telia, DigitalWell Arena has developed a test environment where companies, the public sector and academia can test new innovative services with 5G.
    Read more about the 5G test environment here

    Analysis of benefit and effect during, or after ongoing tests is carried out using models for benefit calculation. With the support of the cutting-edge research at Karlstad University, more extensive studies can also be carried out to shed light on various aspects regarding the benefit and effect of the tested service. For companies and the public sector that want to be able to demonstrate effects av tested service. 

    Ett early stage can mean anything from an idea, a need or a prototype that needs to be tested before something can be taken forward with development. The scope varies and can be about everything from information about tests to support for identifying the need for tests. What resources are needed and the extent are determined in a discussion with the innovator/entrepreneur. For example, includes analysis of test needs approx 4-8 hours. 

    Focus under development is located primarily around software testing with a focus on the implementation of the tested service. Tests may include system tests, usertester, test of togreliability, safety and performance. We have a network of testing experts for the execution of this type of testyour. What resources are needed and the extent are determined in a discussion with the innovator/entrepreneur. 


    Elin Fouganthine

    Innovation Manager



    The regional project DigitalWell is financed by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund. The purpose of DigitalWell is that we will together develop digital solutions for needs in welfare with the user's own abilities in focus.