Prototype work

    Do you have an idea for a digital solution that can promote health or welfare? In DigitalWell's Innovation Support, we can give you support to develop a concept and presentation material that visualizes the idea in an educational way. Once the concept is developed and you have identified a digital product or service that fulfills a specific need, a good next step is to develop an interactive prototype. 

    A prototype can be used to create interest within a target group, but also to validate that an idea is actually the solution to a need. In prototyping work, it is therefore important that the needs of the end user shape the solution. DigitalWell Innovationssupport has a network of digital, creative agencies that can support you to develop a prototype that makes it easier for both end users, public sector and possible funders to contribute important insights. When the prototype is validated, there is an opportunity to get support in developing a requirements specification that can form the basis for further development. 


    What social challenges do you struggle with? Contact us and we can see how we can solve them together.

    Anders Solberg

    Innovation Manager / Innovation Support
    +46 (0)73 529 14 62

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    The regional project DigitalWell is financed by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund. The purpose of DigitalWell is that we will together develop digital solutions for needs in welfare with the user's own abilities in focus.