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    Innovation Hub is an open collaboration environment. A flexible and accessible space with room for big and small ideas regardless of format.

    The DigitalWell Innovation Hub is an environment for developing and evolving, here we open our minds and meet across borders to solve the societal challenges of the future together. This is a haven for
    exploration and innovation.


    The venue has a rotatable stage in the middle of the room. Half of the stage contains a 75 inch interactive screen and a whiteboard. The second half is divided into two flexible spaces for, for example, conversations or exhibitions.

    The Innovation Hub also includes a projector and powerful computer for digital meetings and streaming. The venue is also equipped with a hearing loop and accessible for wheelchair users. There is technical equipment for presentation at the stage, as well as the open area, and the possibility to connect the technology to digital meetings and streaming without a tour. The technical equipment includes, among other things, microphones and cameras. There is also a 5G network in the premises, read more about the test environment for 5G here.

    At one end of the room there is a stand for about 10-15 people. Along the long side, with a view of a wooded area, there are seated workplaces. The remaining area is completely flexible, on a daily basis it is furnished with sofa modules, tables and chairs - but it works just as well as an open area for co-creation and mingling.



    If you have questions or want to book Innovation Hub for your meeting or event, email

    Before booking the Innovation Hub, we would like you to read them game rules which applies in the premises.


    We pay for our music usage SHOAL and SAMI.



    The regional project DigitalWell is financed by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund. The purpose of DigitalWell is that we will together develop digital solutions for needs in welfare with the user's own abilities in focus.