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Future journey 2049

  • 30 November
  • 09:30
  • Karlstad, Kalmar, Sandviken
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Create development, be competitive and grow sustainably! Take ownership of the changes and lead the development - both individually and in your organization. The way there begins with knowledge. Here you get access to concrete tools and methods that create the conditions for successful future work. If you want to be one step ahead and learn more about digital ways of working to make your business more efficient, find and retain the skills of the future, welcome aboard Framtidsresan 2049.

On Wednesday 30 November, Compare together with Nicklas Hermansson from NomoFomo and Joakim Jansson from DigJourney invite you to a morning of competence development, discussion and inspiration.

We know that in many ways the future is already here. Today – in the year 2022 – the world spins faster than ever. 41% of all the world's workers are considering quitting their jobs - and almost one in two have plans to change industries. Not a day goes by without a dramatic new research report on the future labor market washing over us. Working methods and requirements are changing faster than ever, and keeping up to date can feel overwhelming on your own. Therefore, together we explore the risks and opportunities of the future workplace, and you get concrete tools and methods to help your organization deal with the waves of change that are rolling in.

We start the day with Nicklas taking us to 2049 - what will the world and our workplaces look like then? What has changed with the advance of digitization, and what effects do data, technology and AI have on our lives?

During the subsequent workshop with Joakim, it is precisely waves of change that we will focus on. Which are the biggest, most important? What do they bring, what risks and opportunities? How well prepared are you?

After summarizing and a question and answer session with Nicklas and Joakim, we eat lunch together and digest the morning's impressions. Don't forget to indicate any special diets or allergies!




  • WHEN: Wednesday 30 November, at 09.30-13.00
  • WHERE: Karlstad, Kalmar and Sandviken


  • FOR WHOM: For those who want to face the future prepared
  • AWARD: SEK 295 per person
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED? Lecture, workshop, coffee and lunch.


The media pioneer Nicklas Hermansson runs the environmental service NomoFomo (No More Fear of Missing Out) and is a future scout in SVT, the newspapers Chef and Dagens Media, as well as in one of Sweden's largest news podcasts; "The Daily Messiah". That's why every week he looks at 2,500 news, trends, studies and inventions to understand where the world is going - and now he wants to share the golden nuggets with you.

Nicklas Hermansson helped transform Aftonbladet into a digital role model worldwide before becoming creative director at one of the world's most award-winning Brand Studios - where 97% of the employees were proud of their workplace. In this lecture, Nicklas shares a series of keys and methods that will take both you and your team to the next level – which will be necessary in a world where the young are fleeing their jobs in search of new adventures.

Joakim Jansson believe in the good of digitization – for individuals, companies and society at large. With digitization comes new opportunities for democratization, education, sustainability, prosperity and ultimately quality of life. Joakim is the author of the book Leading digital transformation and author of Digital Maturity Matrix which is a methodology for implementing digital transformation.

Helping companies understand what digitization brings has been on his agenda since 2000 when he joined Spray. Since then, he has closely followed how disruptive and fascinating the digital transformation is. Joakim has a background as a leader in startups as well as traditional companies, including MTG, Aller and Spray. He is the founder of DigJourney, which works every day to democratize transformation, that is, to provide skills and tools to succeed in large-scale change.


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The regional project DigitalWell is financed by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund. The purpose of DigitalWell is that we will together develop digital solutions for needs in welfare with the user's own abilities in focus.